Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Great Cutting Edge-24


It has been eleven days of practices for them. Everybody seems keen in learning and practicing different techniques of yoga. Great enthusiasm is shown by all of them, nobody likes missing any class. Most of them are before time ready to chant om and shanti mantras, looks one of the best of the cutting edge groups.

The practice of Jala Neti on sunday was very successful. Amazingly, they look at ease practicing Surya Namaskara, reached to 5 rounds, see how it goes.......

There is a visible change in the group since they arrive and now in just 11days. From the rusty-stiff body now look agile and flexible, from tensed face now have relaxed and vibrant face, from low energy to full of energy. Some of them have already lost few kilos.....

There is still 25 days left, many more changes would be there. I would keep updating you about the progress of the group. Overall, its fantastic!!!

Two consecutive sundays we practiced Kunjal(Vaman Dhauti) and Jala Neti, everybody felt lighter and relaxed. Face seems glowing and no sign of any tiredness and tensions.....
Self help during Kunjal

Hard work correcting the Surya Namaskara, making it more accurate, after practicing it for 20 days.
Already many have lost 4, 5, 6 kilos of their body weight since they arrived, combined effort of regular yoga, walk and some basic dietary regulation. Keep going...two more weeks..

The practice of Shankhprakhshalana on sunday was a great success, most of the participants underwent the shorter to medium version of shankhaprakhsha(intestinal wash), followed by Kunjal and jala neti, thereafter a long shavasana-relaxation and special meal(khichadi). As they had been doing the TTK solution every morning after waking up, the digestive system already was functioning properly,it took less time to finish the entire cleansing practices in this group if I compare with other groups.

It has been intense practice last two days, introduction of some more asanas including inverted poses, doing 12-14 rounds of Surya Namaskara, 4-5 pranayamas everyday. Last 4-5 days are remaining for this cutting edge group, some fine tuning and they are ready to soar high up in the sky......

surya namaskara-beautiful rhythm 
roaring lion

This week we focussed more on pranayama, making it more accurate, what to do and what not to do in different diseases. Understanding the different ways of sequencing to have a balance practice and getting ready to practice independently. We discussed a general life style routine and diet and nutrition to lead a healthy and happy life.

getting ready to be independent
mastering their practices

With certificate distribution, 38days of regular yoga practice for Cutting Edge-24 came to an end. It was heartening to hear everybody's experinece and honest feedback. It seems they received wide range of benefits attending it regularly which I already noticed in the questionnaire filled by them in the end. Two questionnaire were administered before the start of the program and again in the end same questionnaire were administered after practicing regular asanas, pranayamas, yoganidra, meditation, and cleansing practices for 5 weeks. There is a clear and significant change in the measurement on all the scale of the psychological test, in all of them who practiced yoga regularly, in fact, a clear sea change in most of them.
Though, It was not a weight loss program, yet maximum weight loss achieved during this period, was 7.5 kilos by Mr.Ruchir, was great to know, 4 to 5 to 6 kilos of body weight was reduced by many of the participants.

I have strong feeling that this intensive 40 days program would bring a positive change in the overall physical, mental and spiritual health and well being of all the participants, improving their lifestyle and provides them the ways to handle various issues and problems of their life as well as the family's life. Eventually, becoming the part of the larger aim of making the entire organization healthy and happy.

Expecting an open and honest comment and feedback from all the participants, which would help make the course become better and better.... 

Thanks a lot to all of you for being so supportive and cooperative during the full course!
May God and Guruji bless you all with a great success, complete health and eternal bliss and peace in your entire life!!!!


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