Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brilliant commitment by STCA participants

It was great to see all the senior executives coming in great numbers to allend the program. A mix of gentle asanas, pranayamas(breathing practices) and yoganidra(relaxation technique) were given to them everyday.

Most of them are regular visitor to different programs, so it was easy for them to follow the movements, breathing and proper relaxation, inspired me to add few more practices to their daily schedule.  

There was overall feeling of joy and happiness in the end amongst the participants after five days of regular practice; they looked refreshed, energized and relaxed.

There was a short question-answer at the end of the session, regarding different ailments and respected practices for each one of them, structuring of the practices and even general contraindication of some of the pranayamas.

On the demand of all the participants, I am going to post all the different practices we had during this session below, in the same sequence it was done, so that it can act as a reminder and help the participants practice regularly. Hope you continue with same zeal and enthusiasm!

Om Chanting x 3 times

Standing postures:
Tadasana( Palm tree Pose)                                 x 8-10 times ; inhale up; exhale down
Triyaka Tadasana(Swaying Palm tree Pose)    x5-8 times each side; inhale center; exhale side
Kati Chakrasana( Waist rotating pose)              x8-10 times each side; inhale open arms to side; exhale twist

Note: As advised, you can keep practicing these three above mentioned practices every morning drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water for the proper elimination and cleansing of the body

Pawanmuktasana-I (Joint Series): few major joints every day like knees,hips,elbows,shoulders and neck joint practices. Beginners can do full series every day to open the joints and muscles from tightness and stiffness.

Toes Bending               x 10 times; inhale backward towards body; exhale forward away from the body
Ankle Bending              x 10 times; inhale backward towards body; exhale forward away from the body
Ankle rotation                x 5-8 clock & anti-clock; breathing same as above
Knee Bending              x 10 times; inhale open the leg out; exhale towards the chest
Half butterfly                  x 10 times; inhale to the chest; exhale to the floor
Full butterfly                   x 70-80 times; Normal breathing

Fist Clenching               x 10 times; inhale open the fingers out; exhale make the fist
Wrist bending                x 10 times; inhale up; exhale down
Elbow bending              x 5 times each front, side & up; inhale open the arms out; exhale bend it to shoulder
Shoulder rotation          x 5-8 clock & anti-clock; inhale upper half of the circle; exhale the lower half
Neck practice-I,II,III,IV   x 5 times each

Pawanmuktasana-III (Energy blocked series): one-two practices everyday
Chakki                           x 5-8 clock & anti-clock; inhale going back; exhale forward
Rowing the boat          x 5-8 forward & reverse; inhale going back; exhale forward

Vajrasana Series:
Half camel                   x 3-5rd each side; inhale open arms to side; exhale right arm to heel left arm in the front
Child pose a counter bend forward for few breath

Backward Bending:  Lying on Abdomen; two practices everyday
Half Bhujangasana                                      x 8rds; inhale up; exhale down                                               
Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)                     x 5 rd ; inhale up; exhale down
Ardha Shalabhasana (locust pose)          x 5 rd each leg ; inhale up; exhale down

Pawanmuktasana-II (Digestive series): two-three practices everyday i.e. Lying on the back practices
Leg raised pose( individual and both legs)      x 5rd each ; inhale up; exhale down
Cycling ( individual and both legs)   x5times forward & reverse each leg
Supta Pawanmuktasana (Leg Lock Pose)( individual leg both legs) x 5 rd each
Supta Udarakarshana  (Sleeping Abd.Stretch) x 5 rd each; inhale center; exhale twist the body

Abdominal Breathing x 10 rounds

Kapalbhati x 5rds (20 times/rd)
Nadi Shodhana –II (Alternate Breathing) x 11-15rds
Humming bee (Bhramari) x 5-7rds

A short yoganidra- 10mins every day
Om Chanting x 3 times

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